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Comparative Literature

This section, established in fiscal 1996, is very new to Osaka University. To date, studies of comparative literature in Japan have primarily focused on Western influences on Japanese modern literature. In addition to studying Western influences on individual works, however, students are encouraged to consider various complex factors that enabled assimilation (sometimes through transformation) of Western culture, paying attention to cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Today, various new approaches are taken in comparative literature studies, including cross-cultural analyses of literary works of various countries under a single theme, and studies of mutual influences between literature and other artistic genres, such as painting, or relations between literature and such practical subjects as problems related to sexuality and multi-ethnic states. Moreover, increasing numbers of studies spotlight relations between Japan and other Asian countries. Because of this trend, overseas researchers have begun to pay particularly keen attention to this field of study at Osaka University, resulting in increasing numbers of overseas students desiring to study at Osaka University.


SHIMUZU, Yasutsugu (Ph.D.)
Modern Japanese Literature; Bibliography of Modern Japanese Literture

Associate Professor

HASHIMOTO, Yorimitsu (Ph.D.)
Comparative Literature and Culture; British Studies