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Western History

This field of study encompasses ancient Oriental and Mediterranean civilizations, the medieval and modern European world, and the Westernized world in the North and South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa through European advancement and colonization. In addition to studies of particular incidents, students are encouraged to seek relations of each incident in the context of world history. Graduate students are particularly encouraged to develop their spirit of independence in achieving high-level study results through their own efforts, together with an open-mindedness that enables learning from mutual criticism among students. Since this section’s founding, it has developed many excellent researchers, some of who have developed their careers in fields other than European and American history. Although study in this field involves various challenges, faculty members hope that students in a spirit of challenge will join us in study.


AKITA, Shigeru (Ph.D.)
British Imperial and Commonwealth History, Asian International History and Global History; The British Empire and the International Order of Asia from the 1930s to the 1950s in the context of Global History
FUJIKAWA,Takao (M.Lit.)
Australian History; Women’s Migration, History of Racism, Aboriginal History, Whiteness Studies
NAKANO, Kotaro (Ph.D.)
Contemporary American History
KURIHARA, Asako (Ph.D.)
History of Ancient Greece, Legal and Social History of Classical Athens, Friendship and Community in the Age of Attic Orators

Associate Professor