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Japanese Literature

This field of study encompasses Japanese literature from ancient times to medieval, early modern, modern times and the present day. To date, in addition to detailed reading of individual works, faculty members have taken various approaches to studying authors of literary works, as well as cultural trends of individual epochs. These approaches have resulted in great achievements. Faculty members in this field comprise specialists of ancient, medieval, early modern and modern/present-day literature; and ancient Japanese literature written in Chinese characters. Although faculty members cover a broad range of study fields, part-time lecturers are also invited annually from outside the University.

Activities of academic societies are vigorous: the Society of Japanese Language and Literature, for instance, publishes its biannual journal Gobun, whereas the Society of Ancient and Medieval Japanese Literature, Osaka University, biannually publishes Shirin, holds monthly presentation meetings, and published Kodai Chuusei Bungaku Ronshuu (Collection of Papers on Ancient and Medieval Literature). In addition, the Society of Literature and Performing Arts in KAMIGATA, Osaka University, annually publishes Kamigata Bungei Kenkyuu and the Society of Modern Japanese Literature, Osaka University, annually publishes Handai Kindai Bungaku Kenkyuu.


IIKURA, Yoichi (Ph.D.)
Japanese Literature; Study on Japanese Literature in Edo Period
KATO, Yosuke (M.Lit.)
Japanese Literature; Study on Japanese Literature in Heian Period

Associate Professors

SAITO, Masao (Ph.D.)
Japanese Literature; Study on DAZAI Osamu and ODA Sakunosuke; Japanese Literature in the 20th Century
YAMAMOTO, Yoshitaka
SETA, Michio