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Status of Residence (Visa)

1. About Temporary Visitor Visa to take entrance exams
2. About "Student Visa"
3. Residence card
4. "Work Permit" for Part-time Jobs"
Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted" (work-permit)
5. Extending Period of Stay
6. Necessary immigration procedure during your stay

1.About Temporary Visitor Visa

Those who needs short-stay visa for taking entrance examination, please refer to the outline of examination for research students(privately funded overseas students).

2.About "Student Visa"

Those who newly-enter to Japan
Please refer to Visa, Support Office.

Those who stay in Japan with a regular status of residence, other than "Student"
You need to change your current visa status.

3.Residence card

Newly admitted overseas students, please go to the Student Affairs' office with your Residence Card and your passpot.

4."Work Permit" for Part-time Jobs

The Government Scholarship Students obtain the "Work Permit" for Part-time Jobs, please go to the Student Affairs' office.

For more information about "Residence Card" and "Work Permit for Part-time Jobs", please check the Support office.

5. Extending Period of Stay

Required Documents for Extension of Period of Stay (College Student)
Presently, renewal applications can be submitted starting three months prior to the expiration of the current visa. Further information can be found at the Ministry of Justice
Please prepare and submit all of the necessary documents as early as possible.

1 Application for Extension of Period of Stay Application can be downloaded from the Ministry of Justice.
*Please check on the form 9【留学】.
*Organization part of the application has to be made by the Student Affairs' Office
2 ID Photo
4cm×3cm, Attach on the 1st page of the application
3 Student registration certificate, Transcript In case of a research student; Certificate of the research activities
4 Proof of financial backing Document certifying that you have the means to pay for all the expenses incurred during your stay in Japan.
Bank statement, Certificate of Scholarship etc.
5 Fee 4,000 yen
6 Passport Presentation
7 Residence Card(or Alien Registration Card) Presentation
The Immigration Bureau might require other additional documents for the application.

6. Necessary immigration procedure during your stay

To change the status of residence
To invite family members to accompany you
Re-entry Permit(Departure with Special Re-entry Permission・re-entry permission)

For these procedures, please check the Support Office homepage .