Gateway to the Husserl-Database

We have formerly used anonymous ftp for making the Husserl-Database public. But, from this time (April, 1998) we register the data in the WWW in order that users can use them easily. At present we register the data from Vol. 6-8, 18, 19/1 and 19/2 in the WWW that we make public this time, but the former data other than these are registered in anonymous ftp as ever. We plan to register them also in the WWW gradually. Therefore, please note the different presentation of data according to the way of registration, whether in the WWW or in anonymous ftp.

In the volumes which are registered in the WWW (Vol. 6-8, 18, 19/1 and 19/2) there are special German characters. If you use the WWW-browser in Document Encoding "Japanese", then change it to "Western"!
Before you enter into the Husserl-Database, please read descriptions, rules, etc. in "What is the Husserl-Database?"!

After you've read all the documents, you may go to the data of each volume in the following table!

Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5
Vol. 6Vol. 7Vol. 8Vol. 10Vol. 11
Vol. 13Vol. 14Vol. 15Vol. 16Vol. 18
Vol.19/1Vol.19/2Vol. 21Vol. 22Vol. 23
Vol. 25Vol. 27Vol. 29

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