History of building the Husserl-Database

  1. 31. March 1995
    The first portion of the Husserl-Database, built with the financial support of Japanese Ministry of Education in 1994, was made public by means of a file transfer programm (anonymous ftp).
    The Database was then derived from the volumes 11 and 13-16 of Husserliana.
    The members of the Japanese project team for building the Husserl-Database were as follows:

  2. We received financial support also for 1995. The following two members were added to our team in place of SAKAKIBARA who left for a year of research in Germany.

  3. 3, July 1995
    We corrected a few data.

  4. 25, October 1995
    With the renewal of the document in "doc" directory, the english version is added.

  5. 31, March 1996
    The new Data, built in 1995, are added. They are derived from the volumes 21-23, 25, 27 and 29 of Husserliana.

  6. We received financial support also for 1996. In place of NUKI who left for a year of research in Germany, SAKAKIBARA who came back from a year of research in Germany returned to our team.

  7. 1, April 1996
    We opened Homepage for the Husserl-Database on the World Wide Web.

  8. 30, Jun 1996
    Although in 1994 we substituted "ae" "oe" "ue" "ss" for special German characters such as "ä", "ö", "ü", "ß", we used in 1995 "a~" "o~" "u~" "s~" in their place. And although we ignored special French characters with accents, we substituted in 1995 "e/", "e\", "e^", "e~", "c~" for them such as "é", "è", "ê", "ë", "ç". We have decided to use this new method and converted the Data of 1994 with this method.

  9. 19, July 1996
    Although in 1994 we searched with 400 key words, we extended them to 466 words (cf. Register of key words for search). We corrected the old Data of 1994 according to the mentioned new method with 466 words.

  10. 31, March 1997
    The new Data, built in 1996, are added. They are derived from the volumes 1-5 and 10 of Husserliana.
    We decided to build the text-database for the basis of searching as a HTML text. Therefore, while we ever used "a~"(=a-umlaut), "o~"(=o-umlaut), "u~"(=u-umlaut), "s~"(=sz) for special German characters and "e/"(=accent aigu), "e\"(=accent grave), "a\", "u\", "e^"(=accent circonflexe), "a^", "o^", "u^", "i~"(=tre/ma), "c~"(=ce/dille) for special French characters, we decided now to use the following indications:

    They appear in "Western" encoding of WWW-browser correctly:
    ä, ö, ü, ß, é, è, à, ù, ê, â, û, ï, ç.
  11. 1, April 1998
    The new Data, built in 1997, are added. They are derived from the volumes 6-8 and 18, 19/1, 19/2 of Husserliana.
    The one of new points of new data is that we extended 466 key words to 1,004 words. This reflects the user's requests, and through it the value of our Database has doubled.
    Another point is that we changed our method of making the Database public from anonymous ftp to WWW. The Husserl-Database was ever made public by anonyous ftp basically and the WWW was only used as an introductory parts of various explanations about the data. This method was more useful for many users than only by anonymous ftp. Nevertheless , there were many users who could not enter from WWW into ftp because of their kinds of WWW-browser or their way to connect with the Internet. Therefore we decided to make public the data themselves with WWW.
    Also, accordingly, we decided to make different files for each key word, while we made ever files of groups, e. g. the data for key words that beginn with "a", "b", "c", etc. Therefore users are able to retrieve only the data that they want.

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