On the Husserl-Database

Date: 31. July, 1995. Written by: HAMAUZU, Shinji: Shizuoka University, Japan

This is an English summery of a paper which was published in Studies in Humanities (Annual Reports of Department of Sociology and Language & Literature, Shizuoka University) No.46-1 in Japanese.

This paper introduces the Husserl-Database, a part of which was recently finished and made public via the Internet as an anonymous ftp.
In the area of philosophy, a tendency to use a computer as more than a word processor has recently increased in several forms. In the past ten years there has been a movement to build a database, especially a text-database. Although there are databases with the aim of finding a paper among enormous numbers of journals, periodicals and magazines, the main stream in this country lies in a text-database, in which texts of philosophers are inputted and saved as machine readable texts. This makes it possible to find special words or phrases rapidly and analyze sentences. During the last ten years, text-databases of Descartes, Hegel, Schelling and so on were stored and the current status and their problems were reported. From this point of view research in phenomenological philosophy have been delayed, but the Husserl-Database, which the "Committee for Preparing the Husserl-Database" has partially finished and made public, fills a potion of the gap. Moreover, the Husserl-Database takes a step forward, putting the accent on the Internet, which attracts people's attention as an electronic media in the van of a new era, more than other preceding databases. It should make a great contribution to research in phenomenological philosophy on basic tasks, not only in this country, but also internationally.
In the Husserl-Database are registered the results by finding selected key words using the Text-Database, which was built on the foundation of Husserliana. The results of findings indicate places where the words appear with the page number and the line number of each volume within Husserliana. The usage of this Husserl-Database presupposes therefore that users have the corresponding volume of Husserliana at hand. The Husserl-Database, which is still being constructed, currently contents five volumes of Husserliana . The original texts are as follows::
Husserliana, Edmund Husserl Gesammelte Werke, Martinus Nijhoff / Kluwer Academic Publishers:

This paper introduces the Husserl-Database according to the documents that are also registered under the subdirectory "doc" in the Husserl-Database, namely according to the following contents: (under the file names after the titles in parenthesis)
  1. Rules for the usage of the Husserl-Database .....................(rules.doc)
  2. Manual for the usage of the Husserl-Database ...................(manual.doc)
  3. Contents of the Text-Databases that are already built ........(contents.doc)
  4. Random samples from the Text-Databases (one page from each volume) ...............................(sample.doc)
  5. List of selected key words for finding (400 words) ...........(register.doc)
  6. List of results of findings in one volume (a sample from the main text of Volume 13) .................................(list.doc)
  7. Results of findings of sample words (_einfuehlung*, _horizont*) in each volume ..............................(results.doc)

For further information please access "ftp.ipch.shizuoka.ac.jp", "get" the "readme.doc" etc., and read them with an editor, or please send an e-mail letter to "jsshama@hss.shizuoka.ac.jp"!