A new Stage of the Husserl-Database

--- Doubled Data and Opening a Homepage ---

Date: 25. May, 1996. Written by: HAMAUZU, Shinji: Shizuoka University, Japan

This is an English summary of a speech which was made at the 4th Workshop on the Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, May 25, 1996) and published in it's Proceedings .

SUMMARY: Since a few years ago I am engaged in building the Husserl-Database with co-researchers. Husserl is a modern German philosopher (1859-1938) who let a lot of unpublished manuscripts. It is therefore worth while making his texts machinereadable and analysing them with a computer. Although we built full-text-database from his complete works "Husserliana", 5 volumes in the first year 1994, and would like to make them public, we could not get a permission from the Dutch pulisher that have copyright of these works. So, we searched about 400 key words in our full-text-database and made only search results public with the name of "Husserl-Database" via FTP of the Internet in April of last year 1995. The Husserl-Database is accordingly a collection of search results of key words in "Husserliana". After then we built full-text-database from other 6 volumes in last year and added search results from these volumes to the Husserl-Database in April of this year. At the same time we have opened a Homepage of the Husserl-Database in WWW. By means of this Homepage it has become very easy and confortable to access the Husserl-Database. We have achieved half of our aim, but our project is still underway.