What is the Husserl-Database?

The Husserl-Database is a collection of the search results for certain key words in a Text-Database created from the Husserliana texts. The results indicate place of appearance in the original text by means of page number (first 3 figures) and line number (last 2 figures). Thus, usage of the Husserl-Database assumes that users have the corresponding volumes of Husserliana at hand.
Please use the data of search results, after reading the following documents!

1. About the Husserl-Database 2. History of building the Husserl-Database
3. Map of the Husserl-Database 4. Rules for using the Husserl-Database
5. Manual for using the Husserl-Database 6. Contents of the already completed Text-Database
7. Random samplings from the Text-Database 8. Same samplings in HTML
9. Register of key words for search 10. Sample list of search results for one volume
11. Search results for sample words in each volume

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31. March, 1996
The Japanese Project Team for building the Husserl-Database
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