Search results for sample words in each volume

Here we show search results for three sample words ("_einfu~hlung*", "_leib*" and "_horizont*") in each volume.
The "_" at the head of a word means that TEXAS will pick up both capitalized and uncapitalized forms. The "*" at the end of certain words (e.g. _leib*) signifies that variations of the word (e.g. leibhaft, Leibhaftigkeit) will also be picked up.
The number after "#" signifies the number of group for search results, the next number before "items" the frequency of the word in this volume. Of the number of five figures the first 3 figures mean page number, the last 2 figures line number.
But, in the case of frequency from 1 to 9 we use the method of presentation without titles, whereas in the case of frequency pf more than 10 times another method with titles is used.


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