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  Hello, friends! My Name is HAMAUZU Shinji.

  I teach clinical philosophy and ethics at Graduate School of Letters in Osaka University as Professor for Graduate Program "Clinical philosophy " and Undergraduate Program "Ethics".
  In education I'm working with various themes from various interests, but in research I am specialized in the phenomenological philosophy, especially of Husserl. I've been engaged in the Husserl-Database, International research of Husserl's phenomenology, the Japan Society for Husserlian Studies, Applied Phenomenology and Intercultural Phenomenology. Since about ten years ago I've been engaged with collaborations on Nordic Caring, Phenomenology of Caring and Accompanying Dying Person, and now am engaged with collaborations on "Phenomenology of Vulnerability and Limitation based on collaboration with Nordic phenomenologists" and "Rethinking about communication with heavy disabled persons and persons with chronical pains".
  Based on the idea of clinical philosophy of caring I'm organizing a research circle of "Clinical Philosophy of Caring" in collaboration with caregivers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and so on) and with "Circle thinking about well-living of patients"(Kobe), "Circle thinking about Caring"(Kyoto/Okayama) and "Karahori-Salon"(Osaka).

Started from: 1. April, 1996; Last Updated: 1. April, 2016; cpshama@let.osaka-u.ac.jp