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Japanese in Anime & Manga Japanese can be studied while reading manga magazines.
It is possible to use it to know not only the onomatopoeic word but also Japanese and the culture.
A wide person can use it because it can select mixed writing of kanji and kana, the Japanese syllabary, and the Roman alphabet.
It's enjoy!!
It is happy there to be a quiz etc. that bury the Chinese character quiz and the onomatopoeic word in the cartoon, too.
Onomatopoetic English-Japanese Dictionary English-Japanese and Jamanese-English dictionary.
Alphabetical and Japanese syllabary order
with romaji / with pictures / no example sentences
Pictures are cute!
The giongo/gitaigo dictionary You can search Onomatopoeia by words or meanings. no romaji / no example sentences
Onomatopoetic Expressions This page explains what onomatopoeia is.
There is a translation with the original.
There are topics about laughter, eating, sleep, and sickness etc.
There is an introduction that uses the song, too. (Tanabata song)
Nihongojyuzu-Japanese onomatopoeia in action 10 words about daily life. no romaji
Japanese Animal Onomatopoeia Animal onomatopoeias are introduced. no example sentences / with roamji
Japanese Onomatopoeia Meanings are explained in English and Japanese 16words
Japanese onomatopoeia There are topics about animal sounds, human motions, collision, weather, and others.
This page also explains phonoaesthetic Japanese.
Phonoaesthetic Japanese are plainly arranged.
Flashcard db Japanese Onomatopoeia This pege introduces flashcards of Japanese Onomatopoeia. a few words / no exmple sentences / no romaji.
You may be able to refer to this page when you make some flashcards.
Quizlet Flashcards Japanese onomatopoeia You can learn Japanese Onomatopoeia in this page by using flashcards.
You also can test by game!
41 word / no romaji
You can listen to the pronunciation.
Japanese Onomatopoeia Guide (Audio Description) Alphabetical order
This page introduces a lot of Onomatopoeia that come out in the cartoons.
no example sentences / so many words!
Onomatopoeia Japan! #1 Rainy Season part 1 A man introduces Onomatopoeia about rain in this video.
You can watch other his videos about Japanese Onomatopoeia in YouTube.
His song is familiar in the Japanese!
You can listen to the pronounciation and know about Japanese song.