Uigur Administrative Orders Bearing "Qutlugh-Seals"

(OSAKA: Research Fellow, The Japan Society for Promotion of Science)


Among the Uigur documents brought from East Turkestan, there exist administrative orders for delivering various objects.
On fifteen of the orders we find several official seals in common. Some of the seals have inscription Qutlugh "with fortune" in Uigur or 'Phags-pa script, and so-called Chaghatai-mark, which derives from cha of Tibatan script.
Taking into account the other features of these orders, we can conclude that they are issued by a single group of officers and dated to the 14th century when Uiguristan was under the domination of Chaghatai-ulus.
In this article the author provides text edtiton, fully annotated Japanese translation and photo-reproductions of the fifteen orders.

An order for delivering flours
Bearing a square seal with 'Phags-pa inscription Qutlugh
(Edited as Text 2 in the article)