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Vol. XXVII (August 2012)

  • J. Shirasu:
    A Wonderful Wooden Small Box Excavated from an Old Grave along the Silk Road: A Small Box Unearthed from the Tomb 603 at the West Section of Astana in 2006

  • D. Maue & N. Ruji:
    80 TBI 774 b: A Sanskrit - Uigur Bilingual Text from Bezeklik

  • S. Ebihara:
    Tibetan Words Discribed in the Late Nineteenth Century near Da-tong River: Based on Mongoliia i strana Tangutov

  • V. P. Zaytsev:
    A Manuscript Codex Written in the Khitan Large Script from the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences (Tr. by S. Arakawa)

  • K. Itō:
    The Military and Administrative Manuscripts on Northwest Frontier of the Song Dynasty in Xara-xoto Documents: The Outline and Research Trend

    Vol. XXVI (August 2011)

    Vol. XXV (October 2010)

    • T. Ōsawa:
      Revisiting Khöl-Asgat Inscription in Mongolia from the Second Turkic Qaghanate

    • Ching Chaojung, Hirotoshi Ogihara:
      Internal Relationships and Dating of the Tocharian B Monastic Accounts in the Berlin Collection

    • Michaël Peyrot:
      Notes on the Buddhastotra Fragment THT3597 in Tocharian B

    • B. Takahashi:
      Notes on the two documents of 1258 CE issued by a Taoist temple Tianshenggong located in Fushan Prefecture in Shanxi

    Vol. XXIV (June 2009)

    • T. Moriyasu, K. Suzuki, S. Saito, T. Tamura, Bai Yudong:
      Šine-Usu Inscription from the Uighur Period in Mongolia: Revised Text, Translation and Commentaries

    • Feng Peihong:
      The Famous Clans in Dunhuang and the Qian-Liang Kingdom

    • K. Nakamura:
      Könčög Ïduq Qut Family as Seen in the Colophons of Buddhist Uigur Texts Unearthed in Turfan

    • S. Ban:
      A Study on the Inscription at Gautama Temple 瞿曇寺 Regarding to the Relationship between Eastern and Western Buddhism in Qing-hai 青海 during the Ming Dynasty

    Vol. XXIII (July 2008)

    • Y. Yoshida:

    • Z. Gulaci:
      A Visual Sermon on Mani's Teaching of Salvation:
      A Contextualized Reading of a Chinese Manichaean Silk Painting in the Collection of the Yamato Bunkakan in Nara, Japan

    • D. Matsui:
      Revising the Uigur Inscription of the Yulin Caves

    • T. Matsukawa:
      The Sino-Mongolian Inscription of 1346 from Qara-qorum

    • J. Nakamura:
      Two Edicts of the Mongol Emperor Möngke

    • G.-J. Pinault:
      Bilingual hymn to Mani. Analysis of the Tocharian B parts

    • S.-C. Raschmann:
      Baumwoll-Nachlese. Vier alttürkische z-Dokumente aus dem Arat-Nachlass (Istanbul)

    • Rong Xinjiang (Tr. by Y. Nishimura):
      The Scattered Qarluq Tribe in A.D. 662-663 as Seen in Newly-discovered Turfan Documents

    • V. Rybatzki:
      Farbigkeit und Vielfalt. Einiges zum Pfau und seinen Bezeichnungen in den zentralasiatischen Sprachen

    • J. Wilkens:
      Musings on the Manichaean "pothi" book

    • Bibliography of Prof. Takao MORIYASU

    Vol. XXII (July 2007)

    • T. Sato, T. Akagi, A. Sakajiri & Wu Zhenke:
      Revisiting the Sino-Tibetan Bilingual Inscription of the Black River Bridge (黒水橋) from the Xi-Xia (西夏) Period

    • Aydar Mirkamal, Yang Fuxue:
      A Textual Research on the Uighur Fragment of Buddhavatamsakamaha-vaipulyasutra

    • A. Semet:
      Ein Beitrag zur altturkischen Xuanzang-Biography X

    • D. Matsui:
      An Uigur Document Preserved in the Library of Istanbul University

    • K. Nakamura:
      Uigur Contribution to the Early Buddhist Mongolian Texts

    • K. Isogai, Y. Yajima:
      The Persian Inscription of 742 A.H. from Qaraqorum

    • H. Suzuki:
      Eigentumlichkeit des in Xifan Yiyu Nr. 6 verzeichineten Tibetischen von Muping

    • Selected Bibliography of Victor H. MAIR

    Vol. XXI (July 2006)

    • D. Durkin-Meisterernst:
      The Pahlavi Psalter fragment in relation to its source

    • Y. Kasai:
      Ein Kommentar zu einem unbekannten uigurisch-buddhistischen Text, der aus dem Tocharischen übersetzt wurde

    • K. Nakamura:
      Historical Backgrounds of the Publication of Uigur Buddhist Texts Commemorating Temür Qaghan's Enthronement: Re-examination of the Colophons Found in U 4688 [T II S 63] and *U 9192 [T III M 182]

    • T. Sato:
      Trade Activities of the Tangut Kingdom during the Second Half of the 12th Century: With Special Reference to Names of Exotic Fruits Encountered in Tangut-Chinese Glossaries

    • M. Okita, S. Kato, B. Takahashi, M. Mukai & M. Yamamoto:
      Japanese Translation and Commentary of the Wutai bibu (4)

    • J. P. Laut:
      Noch einmal zum 26. Kapitel der Maitrisimit

    Vol. XX (August 2005)

    • T. Akagi:
      Zhang Huaiding (張淮鼎), the Military Commissioner of the Return-to-Allegiance Army (Guiyijun 帰義軍): Examination of the Dunhuang Manuscript P.2555 pièce 1

    • D. Matsui:
      Four Remarks on the Uigur Contract Documents

    • P. Zieme:
      Ein alttürkischer "Knigge"

    • M. Okita, S. Kato, T. Sato, B. Takahashi, T. Yamao & M. Yamamoto:
      Japanese Translation and Commentary of the Wutai bibu (3)

    • Review:
      I. de Rachewiltz, The Secret History of the Mongols: A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of the Thirteenth Century. Translated with a historical and philological commentary. 2 vols, Leiden/Boston, 2004. (by M. Yamamoto)

    • Bibliography of Frantz GRENET

    Vol. XIX (July 2004)

    • T. Moriyasu, P. Zieme & Y. Yoshida:
      Obituary : Kõgi Kudara (31th May 1945 - 12th May 2004)

    • Y. Kasai:
      Ein Kolophon um die Legende von Bokug Kagan

    • Geng Shimin, J. P. Laut & G.-J. Pinault:
      Neue Ergebnisse der Maitrisimit-Forschung (II) : Struktur und Inhalt des 26. Kapitels

    • T. Tamai:
      On Tocharian Document No. 174 in the Tokyo National Museum

    • M. Okita, S. Kato, T. Sato, B. Takahashi, M. Mukai, T. Yamao & M. Yamamoto:
      Japanese Translation and Commentary of the Wutai bibu (2)

    • N. Miya:
      System of Translation Bequeathed by the Mongol Empire : Remarks on the Language Used in the Old Edition of the Laoqida

    Vol. XVIII (August 2003)

    • T. Moriyasu:
      Obituary : James R. Hamilton (14th March 1921 - 29th May 2003)

    • S. Arakawa:
      Tangut Fragments in the Nakanishi Collection Preserved at the National Museum of Ethonology : On the Tangut Version of the Ârya-Prajñâpâramitâ-sañcaya-gâthâ

    • Y. Moribe & K. Iwami:
      Epitaph of Li Ke-yong in the Late Tang Period

    • N. Miya:
      System of Translation Bequeathed by the Mongol Empire : Remarks on the Language Used in the Old Edition of the Laoqida

    • M. Okita, S. Kato, T. Sato, B. Takahashi, M. Mukai & M. Yamamoto:
      Japanese Translation and Commentary of the Wutai bibu

    • P. Zieme:
      A New Fragment of the Old Uyghur Vimalakîrtinirdes´asûtra

    • J. Wilkens:
      Studien zur alttürkischen Das´akarmapathâvadânamâlâ (1) Die Udayana-Legende

    Vol. XVII (September 2002)

    Papers in Honour of Professor Masahiro SHOGAITO on his 60th Birthday
    • Y. Yoshida:

    • M. Erdal:
      On the frontness opposition in loanwords in Old Uygur

    • S. Fujishiro:
      On the Dolgan poem < A man with happiness > --- Dolgan text, Japanese translation and commentaries ---

    • J. P. Laut:
      Die zehn Gebote auf Alttürkisch : Betrachtungen zur Das´akarmapathâvadânamâlâ

    • D. Maue:
      Altbekanntes und Neues : Bruchstücke des uigurischen Almanachs von 1277 / 78

    • T. Moriyasu:
      The rebellion of An Lu-shan (755-763) from the Uighurs' viewpoint --- With special reference to an Uighur document Mainz 345

    • M. Ölmez:
      Chinesische Lehnwörter in uigurischen Xuanzang-Biographie, Kapitel III

    • K. Röhrborn:
      Verbalpräfigierung in der neologistischen Wortbildung des Türkeitürkischen

    • H. Umemura:
      A study of SI 4bKr. 71 : an Uyghur document concerning the sale of a slave and the loan of silver

    • P. Zieme:
      Three Old Turkic 五臺山讚 Wutaishanzan fragments

    • Bibliography of Prof. SHOGAITO Masahiro

    Vol. XVI (September 2001)

    • Y. Moribe:
      Epitaphes of Three Sogdian-Chinese from the Hou-Jin Period in the Tenth Century

    • N. Miya:
      On the Details Surrounding the Publication of Cheng Fuxin's Sishu zhangtu --- with Special Reference to the Civil Recommendation System for the Literati of the Southern Provinces under the Dai Ön Yeke Mongol Ulus

    • M. Sugiyama:
      In Memory of Irinçin

    • Irinçin (tr. by Y. Kato):
      New Readings of the Mongolian lingzhi Inscription in 'Phags-pa Script Engraved in 1276 A. D. at Yu-wang-miao, Longmen : Critical Comments on N. Poppe's Edition

    • Irinçin (tr. by Y. Kato):
      A Guide to the Stylistic Characteristics of the Official Documents from the Yuan Period Translated Word-for-word from Mongolian

    Vol. XV (September 2000)

    • T. Moriyasu:
      Chronologie des seaux officiels employés par les commisaires impériaux de l'Armée Revenue au Devoir (Kouei-yi kiun)

    • P. Zieme:
      Fragments of the Old Turkic Maitrisimit nom bitig in the Otani Collection

    • Y. Yoshida & T. Moriyasu:
      Manichaean Sogdian and Uighur Letters Recently Unearthed in Bezeklik, Turfan

    • Bibliography of Rong Xinjiang

    Vol. XIV (September 1999)

    • N. Uno, H. Muraoka & K. Matsuda:
      Persian Inscription in Memory of the Establishment of a Khânqâh at Qara-qorum

    • S. Tezcan & A. Yakup:
      A Chaghatai Turkic Text on the Life of Mani

    • T. Moriyasu & P. Zieme:
      From Chinese to Uighur Documents

    • I. Ishikawa:
      Ru "Horn" of the Tibetan Empire: with Special Reference to Its Relationship with khrams "Register Made of Wood" in the Royal Annals

    • T. Hayata:
      Some Manchu Words Meaning "Only"

    • Bibliography of Marcel Erdal

    Vol. XIII (September 1998)

    • D. Matsui:
      Uigur Administrative Orders Bearing "Qutlugh Seals"

    • P. Zieme:
      Turkic Fragments in 'Phags-pa Script

    • S. Hori:
      Two Official Documents on Hui-chang Preserved at Uppsala University

    • T. Ikeda:
      Some Phonological Features of Modern Munya (Minyak) Language

    • K. Iwami & T. Moriyasu:
      Chinese Epitaph of a Turkish Lady of Ashina Clan from the Tang Period Found in Mongolia

    • K. Kudara & W. Sundermann:
      A Second Texs of the Sogdian Visesacinti-brahma-pariprcchâ-sûtra

    • T. Moriyasu & Y. Yoshida:
      A Preliminary Report on the Recent Survey of Arcaeological Sites and Insctiptions from the Turkic And Uighur Period in Mongolia

    • Bibliography of Jens Peter Laut

    Vol. XII (July 1997)

    • He, Xingliang:
      A Study of the Qazakh-Chagatai Document of Qing Dynasty's Minister in Charge of Investigating and Delimiting the Sino-Russian Boundary

    • Y. Yoshida:
      On the Recently Discovered Manichaean Chinese Fragments

    • T. Moriyasu:
      A Manichaen Runic Manuscript with Miniature (Kao.0107) Housed in the British Library

    • K. Kudara & P. Zieme:
      Two New Fragments of the Larger Sukhâvatîvyûhasûtra in Uigur

    • T. Matsukawa:
      The Sino-Mongolian Inscription of 1348 from Qara-qorum

    • Review:
      S.-Ch. Raschmann, Baumwolle im türkischen Zentralasien (D. Matsui)

    • Bibliography of Semih Tezcan

    Vol. XI (July 1996)

    • P. Zieme:
      A Fragment of the Chinese Manjusrînâmasamgîti in Uigur Script from Turfan

    • M. Oki:
      A Few Characteristic Features of the Uighur Alphabet in the 9th-11th Centuries

    • Y. Israfel:
      Wooden Axis of the Statue of Buddha with Inscription in Ancient Uigur

    • T. Ebisawa & N. Uno:
      Hystoria Tartarorum Written by C. de Bridia. Japanese Translation and Commentary (2)

    • T. Takeuchi:
      Old Tibetan Manuscripts from East Turkestan in the Stein Collection: the Cataloging Project

    • Review:
      T. Takeuchi, Old Tibetan Contracts from Central Asia (A. Sakajiri)
      Tibetan Archeology and Manuscripta Orientalia (T. Takeuchi)

    • Bibliography of Juten ODA

    Vol. X (July 1995)

    • P. Zieme:
      An Uigur Monasterial Letter from Toyoq

    • Y. Israfel:
      An Uigur baqïr-Receipt Document from Qoco

    • T. Ebisawa & N. Uno:
      Hystoria Tartarorum Written by C. de Bridia. Japanese Translation and Commentary (1)

    • Y. Yoshida:
      Sogdian Miscellany (IV)

    • F.Grenet:
      The Knowledge of Yasts of the Avesta in Sogdiana and Bactoria (translated by E. Kageyama)

    • Bibliography of James Hamilton

    • Bibliography of the Offprints in European Languages Collected by N. Yamada

    Vol. IX (July 1994)

    • M. Arakawa:
      On a Turkic Term "ulagh" in Turfan Chinese Documents

    • Y. Ishihama:
      Buddhistic Background of the Meeting between Panchen IV and Emperor Qian-long held in 1780

    • T. Moriyasu:
      Notes on Uigur Documents (IV)

    • T. Takeuchi:
      "Lead" and "Face": on the Formation of Honorific Vocabulary in Tibetan

    • Review:
      W. Sundermann, Der Sermon vom Licht-Nous: eine Lehrschrift des östlichen Manichaismus. (Y. Yoshida)

    • Bibliography of Nicholas Sims-Williams

    Vol. VIII (March 1993)

    • J. Nakamura & T. Matsukawa:
      A Newly Discovered Inscription of Mongolian-Chinese Bilingual Edicts from Shao-Lin si Temple

    • H. Kawasaki:
      A Study on the Date of the Westward Migration of Qarluq: by a Review of Sine-Usu and Tariat Inscriptions

    • S. Nagano:
      Maternal Uncle in the Tibetan Kinship Terminology

    • Y Yoshida:
      Middle Iranian and Old Turkish: Notes on Two Sets of Colophons or Scribbles Found in Manichaean Texts

    • Y. Yoshida:
      Supplement to "Buddhist Literature in Sogdian"

    • Bibliography of Werner Sundermann

    Vol. VII (March 1992)

    • Rong Xinjiang:
      On gyâzdi- found in the So-called Tumshuqese Documents

    • T. Takata:
      The Chinese Lotus Sûtra (Samantamukhaparivarta) in Tibetan Script (II)

    • T. Moriyasu:
      Notes on Uigur Documents (III)

    • K. Iwami:
      A Translation of "The Epitaph of Ashina Bilgä Tigin"

    • Y. Yoshida:
      Buddhist Literature in Sogdian

    • Bibliography of Peter Zieme