Our journal Studies on the Inner Asian Languages welcomes contributions of articles or essays on various languages, literary sources (documents, manuscripts, inscriptions) written in the languages and the history of peoples of Inner Asia or Central Eurasia, which include Manchuria or Northeastern Asia in East and the coast of Black Sea in West.

Contents of the backnumbers are available on the web repository Osaka University Knowledge Archive.



Contribution rules:

1.   Contributed manuscripts are only to be published for the first time, except for results of oral communication or lecture.

2.   We never impose any space limitations upon contributors. Generally each article is 20 pages in print (about 6,000 words for European languages), but we welcome notes in a few pages as well as articles or editions of source which need a much longer space. Contributors are requested to attach a resume of the article, and to specify total number of words and the number of plates.

3.   The deadline is on the last day of February. The result of review will be later noticed.

4.   Contributors are recommended to send the PDF data of the manuscript and the original file data (MS Word preferable for the text; JPEG or TIFF for the figures) via file transfer service (e.g., WeTransfer); please avoid directly sending the data to our contact e-mail address.

5.   Contributors need to declare their office and position at the end of manuscript. When the article is not written in European languages, please add Roman-transliteration of contributor’s name and translate title of the article into any European Language.

6.   Once contributed, reedition of manuscript is never permitted, except correction for mistaken spellings or printing.

7.   We do not provide offprints, though each contributor should receive two copies of his/her volume.



Contact: The Society of Central Eurasian Studies

c/o Department of Asian History

Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

1-5 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, 560-8532 JAPAN

e-mail: sial[AT]let.osaka-u.ac.jp ([AT]@)