Family name Kinsui
First name Satoshi
Gender Male
Birth day/month/year 29/04/1956
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Affiliation Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University
Appointment Professor
Area of Specialization Japanese History of Language and Linguistics
ID Number of Researchers 70153260
Phone +81-6-6850-5682
FAX +81-6-6850-5836
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Academic Societies The Society for Japanese Linguistics
The Linguistic Sciety of Japan
Society of Kunten-Language 
The Mathematical Linguistic Society of Japan
The Association for Natural Language Processing
The Society of Japanese Grammar
Kansai Linguistic Society
Japanese Cognitive Science Society
Phonetic Society of Japane
The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
The Pragmatics Society of Japan
The Japanese Society for Language Sciences
Main Theme of Research historical change of Japaense Grammar, role language (stereotype of Japanese language)
Keywords Japanese, Grammar, Historical Change, Passive Construction, Existence Sentence, Demonstratives, Sentence-final Particles, Honorifics, Role Language, Japanese LaTex, Tense/Aspect, Case Particle, Noun Phrase