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Arts and Media

This course has two broad components. One is to establish a core research community in such fields as visual images, spatial media and computer media that have not been well covered in conventional humanities and arts studies, or are new and gaining in social importance, and to teach current arts and media issues from a specialist practical viewpoint. The main objective is to advance theoretical studies in areas such as media literacy that exceed the bounds of existing art theories and are closely linked to social realities, while also giving practical training to develop computer skills to process visual data. The second component is to promote multi-faceted research into cultural policy-making and arts planning. Instead of looking at painting, drama, cinema, and literature as separate entities, the cultural and social functions of these artistic creations are explored by focusing on how they are produced and appreciated. Rather than analysis and interpretation of each artistic work, this component takes as its central issues policies and systems behind the publication, exhibiting or staging of works, and the dynamic relations between artistic works and their audiences.

Thus, while the first component examines the ‘content’ of wide-ranging arts and media, the second focuses on their ‘external’ environment. Students on this course do not choose one or other of these components as their specialized field. Rather they are expected to draw on both to reach the level (or work towards reaching the level) where they can explore and conceptualize for themselves how the practice of the arts models linkages between people and society.

Students completing this course will have a thorough understanding and broad knowledge of arts and media (including existing academic disciplines) to work as professionals with specialist knowledge and practical skills.


NAGATA, Yasushi (MA)
KODERA, Tsukasa (Ph. D.)
Western Art History; Media Studies

Associate Professors

KUWAKINO, Koji (Ph.D.)
History of Italian Art and Architecture, History of Science, History of Western Garden
KOGO, Naoko