European and American History

eandahistory.jpg It is difficult to determine the geographical limits of Western history. While nobody would disagree that the history of Europe is the central component, Oriental and Mediterranean civilizations also considerably influenced Western civilization. From the 16th century, Europeans also began to advance into North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, where they either transplanted their civilizations or intensely impacted the traditional peoples of those areas, as has been well documented.

In the course of their research and education, students in this major will cover a vast range of themes rooted in the history of Western civilization acting on a global scale. This course encourages students to engage in a demonstrative study of individual issues while also considering these issues from a world-history perspective.

The course’s objective is to develop students’ comprehensive intellectual abilities so that they can respond to the rapidly changing times of today’s globalizing world. Specifically, students will develop their abilities to identify problems, gather information, analyze, synthesize, and communicate. The course prioritizes foreign language learning, particularly the acquisition of practical proficiency in English, to be used as yet another tool to help them thrive in these modern times. All students will be expected not only to deeply consider issues they are studying based on information at hand but also to learn how to communicate these issues to other people in both Japanese and English.


AKITA, Shigeru (Ph.D.)
British Imperial and Commonwealth History, Asian International History and Global History; The British Empire and the International Order of Asia from the 1930s to the 1950s in the context of Global History
FUJIKAWA,Takao (M.Lit.)
Australian History; Women's History, History of Racism, Aboriginal History, Whiteness Studies
KURIHARA, Asako (Ph.D.)
History of Ancient Greece, Legal and Social History of Classical Athens, Friendship and Community in the Age of Attic Orators
HEE, Nadin Claudia (Ph.D.)
KROZEWSKI, Gerold Michael

Associate Professor

NAKAYA, So (Ph.D.)
Medieval Italian History
MISE, Haruka (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor (Lecturer)