Japanese Studies

japanesestudies.jpg What images come to mind when you think about “Japanese studies”? It can be quite hard to visualize in comparison to other majors, like literature and history. This is because Japanese studies aims to engage in cross-disciplinary research and education.

Students taking this course will cast aside their pre-existing perceptions of Japan to approach the topic using a range of methods and perspectives including Japanese history, folklore, anthropology, cultural study, research into gender and sexuality, and representation analysis. Rather than being limited to a national research framework, students are encouraged to explore the new possibilities in Japanese studies that are currently being developed outside Japan. Prospective students seeking thrilling intellectual pursuits are encouraged to apply.


UNODA, Shoya (Ph.D.)
Japanese Intellectual History
KITAMURA, Tsuyoshi
Cultural Anthropology; Japanese Folklore Studies; Oral History; Okinawan Studies

Associate Professors

YASUOKA, Kenichi
Japanese Modern History; Migration Studies; Rural Studies