Chinese Literature

chineseliterature.jpg The Chinese literature major is a relatively recent addition to the course list at Osaka University. It comprises the study of literature and various issues to do with people, such as the politics, economics, history, language, philosophy, and arts of the classical period. While the course respects the tradition of Chinese studies, it offers students a fresh and energetic approach to the subject.

Chinese literature written by men and women alike has always been interested in the activities of humankind. Literature is, naturally, a key component of the course; however, the course’s overarching ambition is to give equal weight to other aspects that interested China’s literary classes to help students understand the works within the context of their original nuance. Through analysis of these works, students are encouraged to ponder various problems that derive from the very existence of human beings and are encouraged to speak and debate freely. Students are given basic training on how to read Chinese literature, with no thought given to age or position as the text is held up for consideration. This attitude is demonstrative of the refreshing nature of the course’s approach.


ASAMI, Yoji (Ph.D.)
Chinese Literature; Poetics and Aesthetics of China

Associate Professor

RIN, Gyokou