Philosophy, Thought and Culture

philosophy.jpg Philosophy lies at the foundation of other fields. It asks questions such as: What is existence? What is “meaning”? Why is it that the only “mutual confirmation” that can be achieved is a recognition that different opinions exist? Why, when there are no “right answers” or “ultimate explanations,” doesn’t reality crumble and history end? Moreover, does this type of questioning come from the heart, the mind, or elsewhere? Philosophy tackles such questions. It is so foundational to who we are that, even now, no other field can replace it.

Students in this major will study Western philosophical thought from the early modern era to the present age. Our substantial program in both classical and contemporary philosophical thought— which covers German, French, and Anglo-American philosophy—is offered by department faculty in conjunction with their specialist fields. Our faculty are here to assist students, offering a guiding hand as they embark upon a thorough exploration of the question: “Why”?



FUNABA, Yasuyuki (Ph.D.)
Kant's philosophy, Theory of communications
History of Modern Philosophy, French Philosophy in 17th and 18th centuries; Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy from Descartes to Ideologists
NAKAMURA, Masaki (Ph.D.)
Science and Technology Studies, Science Communication, Research Ethics, Higher Education Studies

Associate Professor

YOSHIME, Michihito (Ph.D.)
Transcendental Pragmatics, Discourse Ethics, Transcendental Arguments, Fichte's Philosophy

Associate Professor (Lecturer)

MIKI, Nayuta