English and American Literature and English Linguistics

In this course, students will develop specialist knowledge of Anglo-American literature and English linguistics while also building comprehensive English skills.

englishliterature.jpg In addition to academic lectures and seminars, students can also attend seminars held by foreign lecturers, study overseas, and attend practical classes geared toward passing English-language qualification examinations.

Students majoring in Anglo-American literature will receive a general overview of the world of English-language literature with a central focus on Britain and America, as well as the characteristics of different genres and their formation and development from a range of cultural perspectives. This foundation serves as a basis to consider specific works, including novels, poetry, plays, and criticism. As they refine their literary sensibilities, students develop their abilities to read literary works with accuracy and precision as well as analyze the methodology of literary studies. Students are given the freedom to choose their research topics based on their interests, which they pursue as a graduate thesis.

Fundamental to the study of English linguistics is an understanding of the structure of the modern English language and its characteristics, which can be approached through observations of the actual language from both theoretical and descriptive perspectives as well as reading key research literature concerning the English language and the collection and analysis of a wide range of usage examples. Research developments in English linguistics pertain not only to sound, form, and meaning of the English language, but considerable research has also recently been published comparing the Japanese and English languages in terms of language acquisition, speech acts, discourse structure, and cognition. Lectures and seminars are organized in a way that incorporates these diverse research trends.


OKADA, Sadayuki (Ph.D.)
English Linguistics, Functional Grammar, Iconicity in Syntax, Study on Coordination and Subordination
KATAFUCHI, Nobuhisa (Ph.D.)
American Literature; Jewish American Fiction, Adaptation Studies
KAMIYAMA, Takao (Ph. D.)
Comparative Linguistics of Indo-European Languages; Phonetics
ISHIWARI, Takayoshi (Ph.D.)
American Literature
YAMADA, Yuzo (Ph.D.)
English Literature; English Drama; Cultural Studies

Associate Professors

TANAKA, Eri (Ph. D.)
Linguistics, Formal Semantics, Gradability
MORIMOTO, Michitaka (Ph. D.)
American Literature; American Drama

Foreign Assistant Professor

HARVEY, A. S. Paul (M.Phil.)
English Language, English Literature (1500-1660); English Literature, Japanese Drama