French Literature


From medieval fables and magical stories of chivalry to the 20 th century’s Sartre and Foucault such as today’s Modiano or Houellebecq, French literature has always been at the forefront and a major influence on world literature and thought. Students taking this course will study the allure of French literature from various perspectives. The course has been designed to satisfy a wide array of interests. Lectures and classes cover the medieval period through the modern age as well as the full range of genres, including novels, poetry, plays, philosophy, and French linguistics. The faculty organizes a range of activities for its students, such as extending invitations to French scholars and authors as well as opportunities to study at French universities through study exchange programs. As they progress through their French language studies, intellectually curious students will find that the department’s narrow walls suddenly open into a wide world.

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YAMAJO, Hirotsugu (Ph.D.)
French Literature and Philosophy; Blaise Pascal

Associate Professor

AVOCAT Eric (Ph.D.)
French Literature, Rhetoric and Theater Studies, 18th-19th centuries, French Revolution