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Literature and Environment

Through researching literature worldwide, from Japanese and Asian literature to European and American literature, this course explores the fundamental conditions for development of literature by examining mutual influences between literature and all aspects of environment: natural, human and cultural.

Students in this course will acquire present-day insights and a broad-based grounding in literature and the humanities through research that challenges traditional literary studies with an interdisciplinary approach and other new methodologies.

The aim of this course is to train highly specialized professionals for careers in an international environment in such fields as journalism, mass media and education.


SHIMUZU, Yasutsugu (Ph.D.)
Modern Japanese Literature; Bibliography of Modern Japanese Literture
HIRATA, Yumi (Ph. D.)
Japanese Literature and Cultural Studies; Gender Studies
MITANI, Kenji (Ph.D.)
German Literature, Austrian Literature; Study on Modernism in Central Europe

Associate Professor

ISHIWARI, Takayoshi (Ph.D.)
American Literature