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Aesthetics and Science of Literary Arts

The Aesthetics and Science of Literary Arts section targets all aspects and thought related to aesthetic and artistic activities from ancient Greece to the present day, both East and West.

Faculty members comprise specialists of classical Greece, medieval Europe, Italian Renaissance and modern German, French and English aesthetics; the genres that they have specialized in include literature, paintings, architecture, design, plays, movies and environmental aesthetics. Students can study a wide variety of study themes, ranging from the time theory of ancient picture scrolls to classical dances, modern Russian literary thought and the early modern Chinese system of art education. Despite such unlimited choice of themes, curricula are well organized.

Whatever themes students may select, they will learn that works and thoughts in research fields should be treated with respect, study methods should be developed precisely, and researchers’ creativity should be revered.


Associate Professors

KATO, Hiroshi (M.Lit.)
Science of Literary Arts, Classical Studies, Aesthetics; Poetics, Rhetoric, History of Ancient Philosophy
TANAKA, Hitoshi (Ph.D.)
Aesthetics; History of Modern Aesthetics, Art and Politics in German Romanticism, Theories of Participation in Art