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Art History

The Art History section features historical studies of fine arts from prehistoric era to the present day, encompassing a wide variety of genres ranging from painting and sculpture to architecture and industrial arts. The faculty members comprise five full-time members, specialized in the fine arts of Europe, South and Southeast Asia, China and Japan, respectively. Together with part-time lecturers, they offer a wide variety of classes for students, encouraging them to view and study a broad range of artistic works of diverse genres, countries and epochs. Tours to museums of fine arts are also organized frequently.

In addition, students learn digital image processing, searching databases and collecting photo and video image data. Although this section maintains close relations with those of other art studies, which focus on studies of art theory, the Art History section emphasizes the empirical approach to various issues related to individual artistic works.


OKUDAIRA, Shunroku (M.Lit.)
Japanese Art History; Early Genre-Painting of the Kinsei Period (16th-18th), Studies on the Subject of Paintings
KODERA, Tsukasa (Doctor der Letteren)
History of Modern Art; Studies on "Modernist iconoclasm", Art History and the Jew
HASHIZUME, Setsuya (M.Arts.)
Japanese Art History; History of Early Modern and Modern Paintings
FUJIOKA, Yutaka (M.Arts)
History of Buddhist Art; Sculpture of the Kamakura Period, Art on the Worship of Prince Shotoku, Art on Japanese Mountaineering Asceticism, Chinese Buddhist Stone Sculpture, Sculpture of the Sui Dynasty
OKADA, Hiroshige (M.Lit.)
Reneassance and Baroque Art; Studies in Spanish Art, Art and Interculural Contacts in Latin American Colonies

Associate professor

KUWAKINO, Koji (Ph.D.)
History of Italian Art and Architecture, History of Science, History of Western Garden