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Asian History

In the Asian History section, the major focuses are on Chinese history after the Tang dynasty, Central Asian history prior to the region's Islamization, and Southeast Asian/Maritime Asian history. All three studies require sufficient ability to read historical documents in classical Chinese. In addition, students must refer to historical documents written in local languages and join in fieldwork. The objective of these educational activities is to develop homo ludens, who can enjoy the 21st century as researchers, businesspersons or whatever students become after graduation. In line with this objective, curricula have been prepared that emphasize [1] developing proficiency in multiple languages and improving ability to analyze documents/materials, [2] improving presentation and debate skills, [3] improving ability to understand the world’s highest-level studies, and advancing original views based on such preceding literature, and [4] promoting mutual stimulation among students and broadening their perspectives. As a means of developing such abilities, seminars are organized that involve all students ranging from undergraduate students to doctoral candidates.


KATAYAMA, Tsuyoshi (M.Lit.)
Chinese History; Social History in South China from the 14th to 20th Centuries
ARAKAWA, Masaharu (Ph.D.)
Central Asian History (Sui-Tang times); Research on the Tun-huang and Turfan Documents; Study on the Cross Cultural Trade in Central Asia and the Tang
MOMOKI, Shiro (Ph.D.)
Southeast and Maritime Asian History; State and Society of Dai Viet (Vietnam) in the 10th to 18th Centuries

Associate Professors

TAGUCHI, Kojiro (Ph.D.)
Chinese history: Socio-economic and Fiscal Structure of Early Modern China, Land Registration during KMT Period