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Chinese Literature

In this field of study, Osaka University Graduate School is not much different from other graduate schools engaged in studies of Chinese literature. As at other universities, faculty members are seriously committed to research and educational activities. However, because of its relatively short history, the Chinese Literature section features extraordinary vitality and an open, home-like atmosphere that more than offsets equipment deficiencies in its research room. In this friendly atmosphere, students can receive meticulous instruction from faculty members and other students. Since the educational focus is on developing language proficiency with a critical eye on source materials, students can select their study themes freely, and exchange views with faculty members on whatever topics they desire to discuss. In this free, vigorous and open atmosphere, students are expected to explore new images of China.


TAKAHASHI, Bunji (M.Lit.)
Chinese Literature; the Literature of Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty
ASAMI, Yoji (Ph.D.)
Chinese Literature; Poetics and Aesthetics of China