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Clinical Philosophy

臨床哲学授業風景Clinical Philosophy is a section, stemming from the Ethics Section of Philosophy Course. In Clinical Philosophy, students precisely and critically analyze Western and modern Japanese ethical thought, moral theory, contemporary social philosophy and cultural theory, and put back questions and ideas involved therein again to contemporary social contexts. Students also explore latent problems in various areas of society through discussion with people working at the forefront of various social aspects, and formulate questions.

In this field of study, priority is placed on group study. In other words, clinical philosophy emphasizes discussion with people actually working at or involved in the forefront. Accordingly, students are encouraged to identify problems involved in diverse aspects, including medical treatment and care, education, performing arts and sexuality in actual social contexts, through discussions with relevant people, and to work out and carry out study plans.


HAMAUZU, Shinji (Ph.D.)
Ethics, Clinical Philosophy
HORIE, Tsuyoshi

Associate Professor

HOMMA, Naoki (M.Lit.)
Ethics, Clinical Philosophy, Social Philosophy; Phenomenology, System Theory, Communication Theory, Philosophy in Practice