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English Linguistics

The English Linguistics section features studies of functional grammar, cognitive linguistics, semantics, pragmatics and syntax, all primarily concerning English. In addition, graduate students study the history of the English language, translation theory, discourse analysis, and many other areas of linguistics. In all research fields, students are encouraged to carefully study the structure, the meaning and the practical usage of English. In addition, students are expected to read important papers and books in the literature, collect and analyze examples of their own, and present their findings in the English language. Graduate students in this section are committed to the activities of relevant academic societies. Although many graduate students give priority to the studies in their specialized areas, they must not forget their need to improve comprehensive English proficiency, since many of them will be teachers of English in higher educational institutions.

The section organizes "Machikaneyama Kotoba no Kai" held occassionally, and publishes Osaka University Papers in English Linguistics (OUPEL), which is listed in the MLA International Bibliography.


OKADA, Sadayuki (Ph.D.)
English Linguistics, Functional Grammar, Iconicity in Syntax, Study on Coordination and Subordination
KATO, Masaharu (MA)
English linguistics
KAMIYAMA, Takao (Ph. D.)
Comparative linguistics of Indo-European languages; phonetics

Associate Professor