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French Literature

In the French literature section, faculty members are committed to empirical and creative research and educational activities. Targets of study encompass French literary texts in all genres, including novels, poetry, plays, thought and criticism from the medieval ages to the present day. To understand the rich meaning contained in literary texts, diverse studies are conducted regarding the long traditions of French literature and arts, cultural and social backgrounds, and contemporary social practices and customs. The Osaka University Society of French Language and Literature, organized primarily by members of this section, publishes its internationally renowned journal "Gallia," and holds research meetings biannually. In addition, the section is eager to promote exchange with contemporary French novelists, poets and researchers, inviting them to lectures and seminars to provide students with opportunities to partake of the creative inspirations of literary men and women. The section is also active in promoting exchange in research and educational activities between Japan and France. (


WADA, Akio (Ph.D.)
French Literature; Marcel Proust, Autobiographies, Study on Manuscripts
YAMAJO, Hirotsugu (Ph.D.)
French Literature and Philosophy; Blaise Pascal

Associate Professior


Foreign Assistant professor