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Indian and Buddhist Studies

In the section of Indian and Buddhist Studies, students study Buddhism and Indian classics of various fields, including thought, religion, language, literature and history, by reading documents mainly written in Sanskrit, Pali and other Indian classical languages. Classes include several seminars in reading Indian classics, and seminars designed to aid in preparing master and doctoral theses. Since both graduate and undergraduate students in this field of study comprise only those who have put forth unstinting efforts to learn relevant languages, the limited number of students can enjoy close communication with faculty members. In addition, students have sufficient space in their research room. In Indian and Buddhist Studies, researchers worldwide have been actively exchanging views and findings, stimulating one another. Accordingly, researcher exchange is extremely active on a global basis.


ENOMOTO, Fumio (Ph.D.)
Indology including Buddhist Studies; Study of Fundamental Ideas in Early Buddhism and Early Jainism, Critical Edition of Buddhist Texts from Sanskrit Manuscripts, Study of Sanskrit Texts Corresponding to the Chinese Samyuktagama

Associate Professor

DOYAMA, Eijiro (Ph.D.)
Indology, Historical Comparative Linguistics; Grammatical Study on Indo-Iranian Languages (Vedic, Avestan, Old Persian etc.)