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Japanese History

The Japanese History section features high-level research and educational activities supported by a total of seven faculty members, comprising two dedicated to the history of ancient times, two to the medieval period, still another to early modern times, and the remaining two (including one assistant) to modern times. Recent years have seen remarkable progress in studies of Japanese history. In response, faculty members work to develop students' ability to conceive ideas and find evidence, by providing seminars on precise analysis of historical documents and reviews of academic papers.

In addition, for graduate school students, regular presentation meetings are held that help students broaden their perspectives by stimulating their interest in areas other than the themes or epochs of their studies. At the same time, students are eager to organize voluntary study meetings and to participate in activities of relevant academic societies. In spring and autumn, study tours are organized to historic sites; students join fieldwork during the day and enjoy get-togethers at night. It is the sincere wish of all faculty members that students continue to enjoy the friendly and open atmosphere that we hope to maintain for many more years to come.


MURATA, Michihito (Ph.D.)
Early Modern History of Japan; System of Rule in Early Modern Japan
IIZUKA, Kazuyuki (M.Lit.)
Modern History of Japan; The Popular Rights Movement, Local Politics and a Local Autonomy System in the Meiji Period
KAWAI, Yasushi (Ph.D.)
Medieval History in Japan

Associate Professors

ICHI, Hiroki (Ph.D.)
Ancient History of Japan