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Japanese Studies

Studies of Japanese culture have tended to overly emphasize the uniqueness and rareness of Japan and its culture. Such views as “Japan beautiful” and “traditional Japan” are nothing but imaginary constructions evolved in the course of Japan’s modernization and Westernization. Rather than regarding Japanese history, culture and thought as unique and independent from other cultures or thoughts, we propose to study Japanese history and culture in the context of cultural exchanges and conflicts with and among heterogeneous cultures. In other words, comparative studies and fieldwork should be introduced to Japanese studies. For this purpose, the seminar on methodology of Japanese studies has been designed to promote open and lively discussions involving both Japanese and foreign students, and to introduce cross-cultural and cross-ethnic viewpoints into Japanese studies.


SUGIHARA, Toru (Ph.D.)
Social History of Transcultural Contacts; History of Colonialism
HIRATA, Yumi (Ph. D.)
Japanese literature and cultural studies; gender studies
KITAHARA, Megumi (Ph.D.)
Culture and Representation; Gender Studies; Art History
UNODA, Shoya (Ph.D.)
Japanese Intellectual History

Associate Professors

KITAMURA, Tsuyoshi
YASUOKA, Kenichi