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Musicology and Theatre Studies

Since few Japanese universities have courses in musicology or theater studies, the program of this field of study is all the more unique. Students of musicology study a wide variety of genres, including Western classical music, ethnic music, Japanese classical music and popular music. Students of theatre studies learn a wide variety of performing arts, including European classical and modern plays, Japanese traditional and contemporary plays, musicals and ballets. In addition to the histories of music and theatre, students study the relations of music and theatre with other disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, aesthetics and literature.


NAGATA, Yasushi (M.Lit.)
Theatre Studies; Theory and Practice of Modern Theatre, History of Russian Theatre, Theory of Performance Analysis
ITO, Nobuhiro (Ph.D.)
Musical Folklore of East Europe; History of East European Music, Study on Vienna-Budapest Operattas

Associate Professors

WAJIMA, Yusuke (Ph.D.)
Popular Music Studies; Ethnomusicology, History of Japanese Popular Music
NAKAO, Kaoru (Ph.D.)
Theatre Studies; History of Noh Theatre, Theory of Noh Text Analysis
KOGO, Naoko