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Studies on Modern Thought and Culture

The Studies on Modern Thought and Culture section was created in 1998, being separated from the originally existing Philosophy and History of Philosophy section.

The courses offered in this section intend to approach various pressing social and cultural problems from philosophical viewpoint.

 Specifically, the courses deal with wide range of areas such as western philosophy from Descartes to contemporary philosophers as well as the history of science and technology, emphasizing the training of English language skills applicable in the study of globalizing issues at the same time. Outreach activities such as science café are also organized actively. Learning in this section aims to build the capacity of practicing philosophy. The graduates are expected to utilize their acquired capacity in philosophical practices to solving problems in the society.

The activities in this section are organized in close cooperation with the Philosophy and History of Philosophy section. Reading groups, study meetings, and other activities are cooperated by both sections. 


SUTO, Norihide (M.Lit.)
Philosophy: Nietzsche's Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy
History of Modern Philosophy, French Philosophy in the 17th and 18th centuries; Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy from Descartes to Ideologists

Associate Professor

NAKAMURA, Masaki (Ph.D.)
Science and Technology Studies, Science Communication, Research Ethics, Higher Education Studies