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Aesthetics and Science of Literary Arts

In this major course students do the following: they undertake 1) comparative and analytical studies of aesthetic phenomena that differ depending on the geographical region and historical period, 2) logical and positive examinations of essential structures of art and design works, 3) comprehensive and systematic examinations of literary arts that transcend those frameworks that classify literature by country, and 4) studies of classical Greek and Latin literature. The broad variety of study targets of this course encompasses natural beauty, architecture and landscape gardens in cities, various design and media. Individual studies range from Plato and Aristotle to contemporary American artists. In other words virtually everything created by humans can be an object of study, as can be the thoughts and emotions of people of different countries and epochs. In view of this unlimited choice of themes, students are required to select their own study themes with the firm intention to follow one precise approach to studying the selected themes.


Associate Professors

KATO, Hiroshi (M.Lit.)
Science of Literary Arts, Classical Studies, Aesthetics; Poetics, Rhetoric, History of Ancient Philosophy
TANAKA, Hitoshi (Ph.D.)
Aesthetics; History of Modern Aesthetics, Art and Politics in German Romanticism, Theories of Participation in Art