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Chinese Literature

Of the major courses in the Faculty of Letters, Osaka University, the Chinese Literature Course was established most recently. Accordingly, this course features the vitality of faculty members' intent to introduce a fresh current to studies of Chinese literature, while at the same time respecting the tradition of Chinese studies. Since ancient times, in addition to literature, Chinese literary men have paid extraordinary attention to various human activities, including the political, economic, historical, philosophical, and artistic. Although the primary concern of this course is literature, to understand Chinese literature and thoroughly grasp the meaning of each statement of Chinese literary men, it is imperative to pay attention to all aspects that attracted their attention. Through analysis of Chinese literature, students are expected to ponder the various problems involved in the very presence of human beings, and to hold lively discussions.


TAKAHASHI, Bunji (M.Lit.)
Chinese Literature; the Literature of Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty
ASAMI, Yoji (Ph.D.)
Chinese Literature; Poetics and Aesthetics of China