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Western History

It is difficult to determine the geographical scope of Western history. Even though major components of Western history comprise European civilizations, they are influenced significantly by the Oriental and Mediterranean civilizations. In addition, since the 16th century, Europeans have advanced to the North and South Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania, where they either transplanted their civilizations or greatly impacted the indigenous civilizations. The Western History Course targets historical studies of Western civilization on a global basis, encompassing a wide diversity of themes in both research and educational activities. Based on demonstrative studies of individual themes, students are expected to develop their views from macroscopic, global perspectives.


AKITA, Shigeru (Ph.D.)
British Imperial and Commonwealth History, Asian International History and Global History; The British Empire and the International Order of Asia from the 1930s to the 1950s in the context of Global History
FUJIKAWA,Takao (M.Lit.)
Australian History; Women's History, History of Racism, Aboriginal History, Whiteness Studies
NAKANO, Kotaro (Ph.D.)
Contemporary American History
KURIHARA, Asako (Ph.D.)
History of Ancient Greece, Legal and Social History of Classical Athens, Friendship and Community in the Age of Attic Orators

Associate Professor