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Japanese Studies

Japanese studies comprise studies of Japanese culture, history of Japanese thought, cultural anthropology, folklore, comparative cultural studies, history of cultural exchange, and gender theory. In this course, students study “Japan” from comprehensive and multi-faceted viewpoints, while seeking to recognize the country’s relative position in the present-day international society.

In this course, culture, thought, history, society, and international relations of Japan are discussed from broad and cross-disciplinary perspectives involving not only Japan but also other parts of the world. Students are encouraged to take a sincere approach to address various challenges confronting the present world. To develop original views, free from the existing academic styles, students are encouraged to take multiple approaches, effectively combining various study methods such as document and material surveys and fieldworks. Students are also encouraged to sharpen their sensitivity toward academic and other problems by participating in lectures and seminars on diverse themes and methodologies, while concurrently exchanging views with students from other countries, thereby mutually stimulating their academic interest in various aspects of Japan.


SUGIHARA, Toru (Ph.D.)
Social History of Transcultural Contacts; History of Colonialism
HIRATA, Yumi (Ph. D.)
Japanese Literature and Cultural Studies; Gender Studies
KITAHARA, Megumi (Ph.D.)
Culture and Representation; Gender Studies; Art History
UNODA, Shoya (Ph.D.)
Japanese Intellectual History

Associate Professors

KITAMURA, Tsuyoshi
YASUOKA, Kenichi