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Musicology and Theatre Studies

In this major course, students study music, theatre and performing arts. In the field of musicology, in addition to Western classical music, students study ethnic music, musical cultures and popular music, together with the respective cultural backgrounds against which such diversity of music has emerged. In the field of theatre studies, in addition to plays ranging from Japanese traditional to modern Western drama, a wide variety of performing arts are studied, including movies, operas, musicals, ballets and dances of various countries. Through theoretical and practical study of these performing arts, students learn features of individual arts from the aspects of aesthetics, art history and ethnology. Moreover, studies are conducted to understand the principles and essence of performances.


NAGATA, Yasushi (M.Lit.)
Theatre Studies; Theory and Practice of Modern Theatre, History of Russian Theatre, Theory of Performance Analysis
ITO, Nobuhiro (Ph.D.)
Musical Folklore of Central Europe; Music History in Central Europe, Study on Vienna-Budapest Operattas

Associate Professors

WAJIMA, Yusuke (Ph.D.)
Popular Music Studies; Ethnomusicology, History of Japanese Popular Music
NAKAO, Kaoru (Ph.D.)
Theatre Studies; History of Noh Theatre, Theory of Noh Text Analysis
KOGO, Naoko