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Philosophy, Thought and Culture

This major course primarily concerns studies of philosophical thought from Western modern times to the present age. In addition to precise literal and historical studies, students are expected to actively address various philosophical challenges of the present day. French philosophy in this course provides promising research opportunities in Japan. In the fields of German and English-American philosophies, a wide variety of thoughts and theories are studied, ranging from modern German philosophy (German idealism, existentialism, philosophy of life, phenomenology, hermeneutics etc.) to contemporary Western communication theory, philosophy of language and logic. The high-level academic results of such diverse arenas provide students interested in philosophy with ample opportunities to learn and seek solutions. In the field of contemporary philosophy, which encompasses the philosophy of modern Japan, philosophy of science and theory of technology, faculty members are committed to resolving various problems of today's society from a philosophical perspective.


IRIE, Yukio (Ph.D.)
Study of German Idealism, Philosophy of Language; Study of Practical Philosophy in German Idealism, Philosophical Semantics, Logic of Questions and Answers
SUTO, Norihide (M.Lit.)
Philosophy: Nietzsche's Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy
FUNABA, Yasuyuki (Ph.D.)
Kant's philosophy, Theory of communications
History of Modern Philosophy, French Philosophy in 17th and 18th centuries; Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy from Descartes to Ideologists

Associate Professor

NAKAMURA, Masaki (Ph.D.)
Science and Technology Studies, Science Communication, Research Ethics, Higher Education Studies