ERASMUS MUNDUS Master Programme (Euroculture)

There is an “Euroculture Programme” as a part of ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme managed by EU. The Graduate School of Letters has also been participating as a partner in the same programme.

"Contemporary Japan in the Global Context"

ERASMUS MUNDUS English Classes

The school is organizing five classes in English related to the Modern Japanese Culture as a part of ERASMUS MUNDUS Master Course (Euroculture) during every fiscal year’s second semester. The class is bi-directional that includes Field Work, too.

Five course units will be offered at Osaka University for students of Erasmus Mundus Master Programme (Euroculture). Each course unit consists of ten lectures and will be given during the period of October through December.

The lectures will highlight modern aspects of Japanese culture, society, history, arts, literature and language from the perspective of interrelationship and mutual impact between Japan and Europe, The US, and Asia.

Each class will be so organized that discussion will be conducted bi-/multi-directionally, based on the argument of an English literature on the present-day Japan.