kokogaku.jpg Although the archaeology program, which was established in 1988, is relatively new, its faculty have a wealth of research and education experience from the “old days” of the national history faculty. The faculty has two full-time members: Professor Shinya Fukunaga and Professor Teruhiko Takahashi. Japanese archaeology is the focus of research and study, but the course also offers faculty members and graduate students various opportunities to conduct fieldwork surveys overseas and to explore a wide range of comparative archaeological perspectives.

The course’s foundational focus is on annual excavation survey projects and the subsequent work of materials classification. For graduate students, particular emphasis is placed on the discussion of archaeological and cultural science methodologies. The course is designed to produce researchers who can promote Japanese archaeology on the international stage.

Despite the faculty’s short existence within the School of Letters, many of its alumni have gone on to work at the forefront of archaeological studies, working for universities, research centers, educational committees, and museums nationwide.

Detailed information about the faculty’s activities and course content can be found on the department website.

website: http://www.let.osaka-u.ac.jp/kouko/index.html


FUKUNAGA, Shinya (Ph.D.)
Japanese Archaeology; Mortuary Practices, Political History in Kofun Period, Ancient Bronze Mirrors
TAKAHASHI, Teruhiko (Ph.D.)
Japanese Archaeology; Manual Industry, Cultural Exchanges in Nara and Heian Period, Ancient Pottery and Ceramic