Chinese Literature

chubun.jpg The Chinese Literature Program at Osaka University resembles courses found at the graduate schools and Chinese Literature departments at other universities. Our faculty is earnestly dedicated to education and research in the field of Chinese Literature.

The graduate program at Osaka University is relatively new, and there may be areas where organization and facilities could be improved—after all, it is a new department. Nevertheless, the department offers an intimate, convivial atmosphere where students receive thorough instruction from their teachers and senior students. With an emphasis on the development of language proficiency, a critical approach to source materials, and a vibrant, open atmosphere in which students are given the freedom to choose what they want to research; the faculty operates a culture of free exchange that transcends age and topics, inside and outside its walls. The department’s open, vibrant atmosphere encourages students to explore new ideas about China.


ASAMI, Yoji (Ph.D.)
Chinese Literature; Poetics and Aesthetics of China

Associate Professor

RIN, Gyokou