Chinese Philosophy

chinesephilosophy.jpg The Chinese Philosophy program is an empirical discipline in which students analyze traditional Chinese thought through close readings of the Chinese classics and try to untangle the broad cultural characteristics of the East Asian world.

The course includes classes on Confucian scripture, the works of ancient Chinese thinkers, Chinese philosophy, and cultural studies (in which recently unearthed texts are scrutinized), as well as Chinese philology (i.e., specialist knowledge about Chinese texts and how to utilize them).

The department also serves as the executive office for the Osaka University Society of Chinese Studies, the Excavated Chinese Texts study group, and the Kaitokudo study group. It publishes the academic journal Chugoku Kenkyu Shukan (Studies on China) , hosts regular study groups, and participates in periodic research exchanges with researchers from Nagoya University. The department also plays a major role in the conservation and digitization of Osaka University’s Kaitokudo Collection and collaborates on projects with the School of Letter’s Center for Kaitokudo Studies.

A wide range of information about the department (i.e., details about staff, students, history, undergraduate, masters and doctoral theses, and student feedback) and course information can be found on the department website, as well as Chinese proverbs and digitized texts of Chinese classics.



YUASA, Kunihiro (Ph.D.)
Chinese Philosophy; Chinese Ancient Thought, Classical Chinese Texts of Kaitokudo

Associate Professor (Lecturer)

SHIN, Hyeon (Ph.D.)
Chinese Philosophy; Book of changes; Chinese Ancient Thought