European and American History

seiyoshi.jpg This program covers the history of the world as shaped by European advancement and colonization in ancient Oriental and Mediterranean civilizations, the medieval and modern European world, modern North and South America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. The course asks students to consider this process’ various individual phenomena and to contextualize them within the scope of world history. Graduate students are expected to work toward excellent results on their own without relying on others, together with an open-mindedness that will help them give and receive constructive criticism within the department. Since its establishment, this course has produced several prominent researchers, some of whom have gone on to work in fields other than Western History. This program offers a suitable challenge for those whose spirit of inquiry imbues them with a willingness to accept the difficulties encountered in the course of research.


AKITA, Shigeru (Ph.D.)
British Imperial and Commonwealth History, Asian International History and Global History; The British Empire and the International Order of Asia from the 1930s to the 1950s in the context of Global History
FUJIKAWA,Takao (M.Lit.)
Australian History; Women’s Migration, History of Racism, Aboriginal History, Whiteness Studies
KURIHARA, Asako (Ph.D.)
History of Ancient Greece, Legal and Social History of Classical Athens, Friendship and Community in the Age of Attic Orators
HEE, Nadin Claudia
KROZEWSKI, Gerold Michael

Associate Professor

NAKAYA, So (Ph.D.)
Medieval Italian History
MISE, Haruka

Associate Professor (Lecturer)