German Literature

dokubun.jpg In the German Literature Program, students analyze German literary works from the perspective of historical cultural phenomena in central and eastern Europe, where German has played a longstanding role as the common language. In other words, literary works should be analyzed in relation to associated research areas such as cultural history, art history, medical history, and media history. Through various seminars and lectures provided by the department, students acquire advanced language skills (German and English) to understand texts and contemporary research results. The students currently studying in the department engage in various programs such as joint research both inside and outside the faculty, and actively exchange research information and results with students in other fields like history, art history, and musicology.

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MITANI, Kenji (Ph.D.)
German Literature, Austrian Literature; Study on Modernism in Central Europe

Associate Professor

YOSHIDA, Kotaro (M.Lit.)
German Literature and German Culture; Study on Cultural History in Eighteenth-Century Germany

Specially Appointed Associate Professor

WASSMER, Johannes