Japanese History

japanesehistory.jpg This course offers a rich and varied range of research and educational activities supported by a total of seven faculty members—two who specialize in ancient history, two in the medieval period, one in the early modern, and two (one of whom is an assistant professor) in the modern era. Recent years have seen remarkable progress in the study of Japanese history, and our instructors seek to develop students’ abilities to conceive original ideas and establish precise evidence in class through close readings of historical sources and critiques of academic works.

The faculty holds regular presentation meetings for graduate students, helping students to develop their presentation skills and broaden their perspectives in areas beyond their own era or field of study. The faculty also holds frequent student-led study meetings and other academic activities. Students can enjoy study tours in the spring and autumn, getting their hands “dirty” with fieldwork and socializing with their fellow students at evening gatherings. Great efforts are made to ensure a congenial, open atmosphere within the faculty.

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IIZUKA, Kazuyuki (M.Lit.)
Modern History of Japan; The Popular Rights Movement, Local Politics and a Local Autonomy System in the Meiji Period
KAWAI, Yasushi (Ph.D.)
Medieval History in Japan
ICHI, Hiroki (Ph.D.)
Ancient History of Japan

Associate Professors

BANSE, Akemi
NOMURA, Gen (Ph.D.)
Early Modern History of Japan