Philosophy and History of Philosophy

philosophy.jpg The study of modern Western philosophy classics based on close readings of the literature is a major component of this program. Another is that it actively engages with the various questions associated with contemporary philosophy.

This first component centers around the study of classical German philosophy: Kant, Fichte, and Hegel. The second component focuses on social philosophy, which relate to issues of the common good and peace; analytic philosophy, an Anglo-American strain of philosophy best represented by Quine and Davidson; and the philosophy of language and epistemology.

Graduate students are actively encouraged to study abroad, and many indeed do. The program also collaborates with the Studies of Modern Thought and Culture section to publish the research journals Metaphysica and Philosophia OSAKA in both Japanese and European languages, as well as hosts regular study groups and special lectures, for which foreign researchers are invited. Events commemorating World Philosophy Day (mid-end November) are also major occurrences connected with the field.



FUNABA, Yasuyuki (Ph.D.)
Kant's philosophy, Theory of communications

Associate Professor

YOSHIME, Michihito (Ph.D.)
Transcendental Pragmatics, Discourse Ethics, Transcendental Arguments, Fichte's Philosophy

Associate Professor (Lecturer)

MIKI, Nayuta